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Snacks, Drinks & More

Stirred and shaken

The secret to our delicious cocktail creations lies in the freshly pressed juices, fresh fruit, best liquors, high-quality spirits, all complemented with a dash of creativity & originality.

Our exclusive range of premium spirits are worth trying sip by sip. Only at our bar will you find rarities such as Glenfiddich 40, Brora 30 or Lagavulin 25. Click here for a little preview of our rare spirits.

Snacks within a New York atmosphere

Enjoy a delicious variety of tasty snacks and distinguished dishes from Midtown, Little Italy, Chinatown or Spanish Harlem. Treat yourself to a small break during the day and enjoy a cappuccino while surfing the web for free.

Smoker’s Lounge

With our cozy Smoker’s Lounge we created an exclusive ambiance for whiskey and tobacco enthusiasts to enjoy engaging moments. You can expect one of Zurich’s largest assortment of premium cigars and whiskeys. Our exemplary bar team will enthusiastically recommend the perfect cigar to any drink.