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Whisky & Cigars

Enjoy exquisite Single Malt Scotch Whiskys with a cigar, cheese or chocolate! The Bar & Lounge 42 offers you a new pairing experience. The pairings, that were created together with experts, let you experience the interplay between whisky and other flavours in a new way.

Bar and Lounge 42
Daily 9am to 0.30am


Most likely a good whisky is accompanied by a high-quality cigar. Enjoy one cigar and 3 different whiskys in our Smoker’s Lounge.

Davidoff Winston Churchill +
The Balvenie 12yo Single Barrel First Fill
The Balvenie 25yo Single Barrel Traditional Oak
The Balvenie 15yo Single Barrel Sherry Oak
CHF 79

Whiskey & Cigars Pairing, Bar & Lounge 42, Zürich


More and more gourmets appreciate the combination of whisky and cheese. Taste finest Brie and Gruyère together with whiskys from The Balvenie.

The Balvenie 12yo Double Wood (2cl) & Brie
The Balvenie 17yo Double Wood (2cl) & Gruyère
CHF 35

Whiskey & Cheese Pairing, Bar & Lounge 42, Zürich


Chocolate blends well with the flavour of whisky. Experience a great new pairing experience.

The Balvenie 14yo Caribbean Cask (2cl) & whole milk chocolate
The Balvenie 21yo Port Wood (2cl) & dark chocolate 70% Cacao
CHF 35

Whiskey & Chocolate Pairing, Bar & Lounge 42, Zürich